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Water, War and Syria
Denna film finns i arkivet – för närvarande är inga visningar planerade.
Hållbarhetsveckan på Kino

Under Hållbarhetsveckan bjuder Center for Middle Eastern Studies in till en gratis filmvisning med temat Vatten, krig och Syrien. Dokumentärfilmaren och antropologen Joshka Wessels visar två av sina filmer och ett utdrag ur sin kommande produktion. Filmerna visas med engelsk text. Läs mer om Hållbarhetsveckan på Lunds universitets hemsida

Begränsat antal platser, hämta ut din biljett på Kino! 

Welcome to Kino on the 17:th of May during sustainability week, to see two documentary films connected to water, war and Syria by the filmmaker and anthropologist Joshka Wessels at Lund University. There will also be a preview of her new film.

Free entrance but limited number of seats. Tickets can be collected during opening hours at any time before the screening at Kino. 

Film: Water, War and Syria

Little Waterfall (52 mins.)
Between 1999 and 2004 Joshka Wessels conducted long-term fieldwork in a Syrian village called “Little Waterfall” located at the edge of the Syrian desert in Aleppo province. She documented the rehabilitation of an ancient 2000-year old water tunnel system called Qanat Romani, still in use for irrigation and one of the most sustainable techniques to bring water to the desert.

Nationality Unknown (40 mins.)
A film made between 2011–2014 as part of the project “Hydropolitics in the Jordan Riverbasin”. The Syrian citizens of Majdal Shams and four other villages have been under Israeli occupation since the October war in 1973. Are there any prospects of peace in this area that is inflicted by a protracted military occupation?

Preview of the new film: "The Syrian war and memories of Little Waterfall"
In 2014, Joshka Wessels learned that the village of Little Waterfall is no more. The houses are empty, looted and deserted during the Syrian war. The new film (work in progress) reflects on the memory of Little Waterfall by intersecting contemporary footage of interviews with its former inhabitants who are now Syrian refugees in Germany and the Netherlands.

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