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About the cinemas

Folkets Bio i Lund is a non-profit organization running two art-house cinemas - Kino and Södran. We show a wide range of films from all over the world and for all ages, as well as live screened theater, ballet, opera and art exhibitions. We arrange film festivals and many other special screenings, often in collaboration with others. 

All regular film screenings are in their original language and subtitled in Swedish. Some live screenings and films that are part of a festival or other special event are subtitled in English. 


Kyrkogatan 3, 046 - 30 30 80
Kino is located in the very center of Lund, opposite of the Cathedral. Kino has two screens with 200 and 52 seats respectively, with several screenings daily. The box office opens half an hour before the first screening of the day and closes 15 minutes after the start of the last one. At Kino you can also buy film posters and  DVDs.


Stora Södergatan 64, 046 - 13 10 50
Södran is a one-screen cinema with 48 seats at the venue Kulturmejeriet. Södran is open Wednesday-Sunday night, and also has screenings for small children Tuesday-Thursday mornings. The box office opens 15 minutes before each screening. 

Tickets and booking

You can buy or book tickets here on the website by clicking on the time for each screening in the calendar. For Södran you can only make reservations. You can also call each cinema during its opening hours to book.

Ticket prices


Regular:  from 105 SEK  
Under 26 years, students and seniors: 80 kr
For live screenings, see each screening.


Regular: 70 kr (no discounts)
Children's films: Sundays 30 SEK, Tuesday-Thursday 20 SEK (children and adults)

Note that other prices can occur.


For more details about the programme or cinemas, please contact each cinema.

Kino: 046 – 30 30 80
Södran: 046 – 13 10 50

If you have questions that cannot be answered by the cinemas you are welcome to contact us on

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